A Message from President Mary Jackson:                                 June 25, 2014

Our Clean-Up of the school and grounds on Saturday, April 26, 2014, was a success.  This was a momentous
occasion and the first step to restoration of the school.  

I want to thank everyone who took time from their schedules on Saturday to join us in the clean-up.  There was an
exuberant amount of energy and excitement even though the amount of work to be done was huge.  Thanks to the
youth participation as well as those who were not physically capable to work but were present to show support for
the project.

Special thanks to Ricky Haynie and  Kenneth King for assisting with the clean-up by donating their time and
equipment.  Also, thanks to Thomas Tomlin and Katharyn Deihl from the Northumberland Rescue Squad).

With continued help and support of the community, we have no doubt we will be successful in preserving and
restoring the school and complete our mission to create a facility to meet the needs of the community, charitable,
educational, and historical.

I'd like to say thank you to all who have supported the Foundation since our incorporation in April 2010.  The  
generous donation of the building from B&L Farms this year makes it possible for the Foundation to begin it's
restoration and renovation of the this historic school house and community treasure.  
Julius Rosenwald School Foundation