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Welcome to Julius Rosenwald School Foundation Northumberland County, VA

About Us

Our Board

  • Mary Jackson (President)
  • Marlene Howard (Vice President)
  • Stanley Norris (Treasurer)
  • Tom Kelly (Secretary)
  • Marion Ashton
  • Dr. Brenda Bullock
  • Malcolm Bulter
  • Gayle Haynie
  • Dr. Regina McCoy

The Foundation

 Julius Rosenwald School Foundation of Northumberland
County, Inc. was established in 2010, as result of the merging of the Rosenwald Tribute Fund, founded by the late Reverend Wright T. Morris and the current
Foundation, led by President Mary Jackson.

Our mission

The mission of the Foundation is to continue the legacy of  the Julius Rosenwald High School, restore the property in order to provide services to meet the needs of  the community - charitable, educational and historical.  

Our History

What's Happening!


Newsletters are posted once a quarter and are available for download below. 

Announce coming events

Currently no new events planned.

Restoration Progress

Restoration is in progress.  We need your donation to continue to move forward.  Go to the next page and click "Donate Now" to helps us to complete the restoration. Your donations are safe and secure.  Design drawings of the restored can be downloaded below.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and restore a piece of history. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Julius Rosenwald School Foundation Northumberland County, Virginia

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